Privacy Policy

ASPECT:VANGUARD (A:V) is an Augmented Reality mobile game that is currently in its EARLY ALPHA stage.  (That means it's mostly broken, clunky, and looks generally unappetizing.) While A:V will eventually become part of the ASPECT ecosystem, IPPSec Inc makes no guarantees in any way, shape, or form as to the use of this version of the app, nor shall it be liable for any damage (mental or otherwise) this app may cause at this stage of its development.

A:V asks for the following permissions from its users:

- Camera
Camera is used solely for the AR functionality of the app.  While this will change in later versions of the app, no imagery data is being sent to the servers at this time.

- Accounts
To minimize the hassle of signing into the app, app login will be tied to the biometric data within your phone.  Only the data you have entered into the registration form fields will be shared with us. (even if it is absolute gibberish)

- Location
This app uses your location to guide you to mission location.  Your location is ONLY sent to our servers when you complete the mission and/or collect points in game.